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           Hebei Lantian automobile muffler co., LTD, the exhibition held on October 21st to 24th, 2017, the China yiwu automobile supplies fair (with 23 session of the expo held the same period), booth number D143, welcome the personage inside course of study to visit the guidance and business negotiation.

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              公司秉承“德為本 質為先”的經營理念,愿與各新、老客戶合作共贏持續發展,并真誠的歡迎來我公司蒞臨指導。

              Hebei blue car muffler co., LTD is located in hebei province hejian don't camp development zone, is a professional production of heavy truck exhaust systems and spare parts of private enterprises. The company was established in July 2002, registered capital: 5 million yuan, existing staff 242 people, among them 18 people, technical r&d personnel 16 people. The factory area is 85000 square meters. Product: muffler, exhaust pipe, exhaust bellows, exhaust system accessories etc.

             Our company has advanced development and design ability to meet the requirements of different customers. In production management in addition to my company has advanced production equipment such as: automatic welding robot, automatic pipe bending machine, etc., to a more flexible production mode is employed to establish the six advanced production line, to meet customer many varieties, small batch of demand; In 2013, we introduced the lean production management style, reducing the production cost to the customer's win-win. At the same time, the company also attaches great importance to the quality of the products, which in 2011 passed the top quality management standards for the auto industry: ISO/TS16949:2009.

              The company now has a capacity of 600,000 mufflers, 100,000 exhaust pipes and 500,000 exhaust bellows.

              Our customers not only with domestic famous hosts, such as: Beijing auto fukuda, shan steam heavy card, such as sany heavy industry, but also will products sold to more than seventy countries and regions around the world.

              The company adhering to the "DE for this quality first" business philosophy, is willing to work with all the new and old customers win-win cooperation continues to develop, and sincerely welcome to our company to visit.

             Company management idea: virtue is the first, quality first.

             Company quality policy: customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, pursue perfection!

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